Silver Rate Chart in Pune

Today, the Silver rate in Pune is Rs. 41.60/- per gram and Rs. 41,600.00/- per kilogram. On 18-Feb-2018, the Silver rate was Rs. 41.70/- per gram and Rs. 41,700.00/- per kilogram across Pune. The highest and lowest Silver rate in last 7 days was Rs. 41,900.00/- on 16-Feb-2018 and Rs. 40,900.00/- on 12-Feb-2018 respectively in Pune per kilogram. In last 7 days for 1 gram of Silver, the highest rate was on 16-Feb-2018 which was Rs. 41.90/- and the lowest rate was on 12-Feb-2018 which was Rs. 40.90/-. In last 3 months the highest and lowest Silver price was 43.10/- on 25-Jan-2018 and 39.10/- on 12-Feb-2018 respectively per gram.

Silver Rate Chart in Pune

Silver Rate Trend in Pune

Previous 7 Days

Highest Lowest
Date 16-Feb-2018 12-Feb-2018
Rate Rs. 41.90 Rs. 40.90

Previous 30 Days

Highest Lowest
Date 27-Jan-2018 10-Feb-2018
Rate Rs. 43.10 Rs. 40.60

Previous 90 Days

Highest Lowest
Date 25-Jan-2018 13-Dec-2017
Rate Rs. 43.10 Rs. 39.10

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